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How To Set A Fab First Impression with Brand Photography!

What is Brand Photography?

To put it in simple terms, brand photography is a set of professional images that businesses or companies use to tell their stories. These images can be any from team photos and headshots to products that your business sells. There are so many great advantages to having professional photograpy for your business.

Why is Brand Photography important?

Personal branding is important to any business because it helps your business grow. Investing in professional branding photography will help you market your business towards your target audience.

What does your first impression look like?

People get an idea of who you are within less than 1 second just by looking at your photo. Whether they seen it on your Instagram or Website you want to be able to grasp peoples attention with a single image, and I high quality consistent photograph can help you achieve that. When you or your business is presented well and properly it plays an important role in the clients decision making. People purchase products based on their emotions and photos can have and effect to convey emotions.

How are you being represented?

The images you use are representing your business and who you are. You would want to have a professional pictures on your website and social media platforms as they speak for your business and a high quality photo grasp the attention of clients rather than a low quality photo that might have the opposite effect and even hurt the reputation of your business. The photos on your website and social media is extremely important as it makes the first impression on what you are to the customer.

Why do you need to be consistant?

Having all the elements of your business go hand in hand and gel nicely together is very important for your brand. If nothing is matching it spells trouble. The key to branding consistancy is keeping it all in one cohesive brand voice on every platform, this will give all your clients the same experience when dealing with your business. You could very easily get your hands on some great stock images, but so can everyone else. But having your own unique branding images puts you heads and shoulder above your competition - who might just be using stock images they've purchased.

How to find the right photographer?

Finding the right brand photographer to fit your brand can be difficult. If you don't have any photographers in mind ask your friends and collegues for recommendations, and check out their work online. You can also head to google to help you find the right brand photographer, read their reviews and choose whomever you feel a connection with.

Where can you show your new photos?

EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE you want your business brand to be seen! Here's just 5 places you could use your images:

1- On your social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

2- You can have them as post or even stories.

3- You could use them as advertisements to promote your business.

4- On your website’s pages.

5- In blogs.

There you have it, this is why Branding Photography is so vital to your businesses success. Professional photograpy is something that you should not overlook, it's extremely important to your overall marketing strategy and growth.